RO Antiscalant Chemicals


Antiscalant Chemical

We provide high quality antiscalant chemicals with multiple variants such as low pH antiscalant, high pH antiscalant, alkaline and acidic antiscalant, polymer based antiscalant which is used in RO Membrane to eliminate scale and other impurities from water.


It is used to eliminate algae and foulants from membrane and thereby increases the life of RO Membrane. You can get them at a competitive price with high assurance of quality.

Descaling chemicals

To remove the toughest scales from RO Membrane, we provide high quality descaling chemicals which removes toughest scales from condenser and pipelines.


pH Booster Chemicals

ph Booster chemicals are used to increase the pH of water. We provide high standard pH booster chemicals which are granted to get the job done.

Membrane Descaling Chemical

We have low pH, high pH membrane cleaning chemicals to remove all types of scales and algae from RO Membrane which helps in preventing scaling in membrane.

High pH Antiscalant Chemicals

We provide alkaline RO Antiscalant chemicals which are food-grade. You can get high quality antiscalant chemicals from us at a economical price.